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Recently, I attended the NYC Small Business Expo. The Expo was a great opportunity for me to spread the word about GoodLife USA and talk to other business leaders. While at the Expo, I had the opportunity to speak on a celebrity panel and discuss how to breakthrough challenges and reach the biggest goals of your company. While there, I also presented a Mega-Success Workshop on the “Hottest Marketing Tool Designed to Instantly Increase Revenue & Retain Customers!” This opportunity was incredible and provided a great way to connect with other business leaders and consumers, while talking about GoodLife USA. Attending the NYC Small Business Expo was great for me; here are some reasons why you should consider attending a business expo with your small business!

Generate new ideas

Far too often, entrepreneurs feel stuck in a rut with their business. Maybe you don’t know where to find more funding, how to market your product in a new way, or how best to improve your service. Maybe you’re waiting for the great idea to found your own company on. Whatever your issue is, a business expo is a great place to jumpstart your creativity and feel motivated to keep working. There’s nothing like being surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals who all understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and run your own business.

Market your business

For many entrepreneurs, the main point of attending a business expo is getting the chance to market their company or business idea. Being able to reserve a table and then talk to interested people about your business is a great way to market it without spending a fortune on advertising, just make sure your table looks aesthetically pleasing. Even if you don’t reserve a table, you can still market your business by handing out business cards and talking about it with people at the expo.


As an entrepreneur, networking is one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal. Being able to connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals is invaluable to your career. Networking with like-minded people helps you develop new ideas and get motivated, like I mentioned above, but it also gives you the opportunity to find new people to work with. Maybe another company could use your product or maybe you’ll meet someone who wants to work with you and help fund your business.

Listen to speakers

Another great feature of business expos is the amount of speakers and panels they have throughout the event. Check the schedule beforehand to identify which speakers you’d like to listen to. Make sure to attend at least a few of the panels and ask questions. You’re sure to hear at least one speaker that you find particularly inspirational. Business expos often also include opportunities for professional development that should definitely be taken advantage of because you never know what valuable information or skill you’ll take away from it. Finally, much like networking and the expo in general, listening to speakers can help you generate new ideas and move forward as an entrepreneur.