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Recently, a huge trend has begun in the marketing world that everyone in the industry is beginning to pay attention to. Videos have always been popular with marketing and became even more so when the internet became a staple in most homes. Now, many people believe that videos are the future of content and digital marketing.

Smartphone users get most of their information from their phones and use desktop, and even laptop, computers much less than in the previous years. Everyone is consuming information in a different manner, which means marketing needs to adapt to this trend. If we want consumers to see our content, we need to deliver it in a way that appeals to them.

The numbers

Recently, Hubspot published some statistics that show the popularity of video on the internet. According to these studies, businesses that utilize videos have people visit their sites more frequently and spend longer amounts of time there as well. According to another study by Cisco, videos account for around 70% of all internet traffic. All studies point toward rapid growth in the industry of online videos; if a business doesn’t adapt, it’s likely they’ll be left behind as others race toward success.

Here are even more statistics from Hubspot that show the popularity of videos. Half a billion people watch Facebook videos each day, while a high percentage of business executives claim to watch videos related to their jobs each week. Statistics like these show the importance of learning and using videos to market your content because people are using videos in their personal and professional lives.

People remember visuals

Besides statistics on internet video watching habits, it’s a fact that most people remember images better than simply listening or reading something. It’s easier to create a stunning video that leaves an impact than getting someone to read a well-crafted article. People find videos entertaining and are more likely to watch a video than read an entire post. Everyone has become busier, trying to juggle their various responsibilities, and they want to receive information that doesn’t interfere with completing another task.

Helps SEO

Beyond the fact that videos engage consumers more effectively, creating strong video content also helps you with your search rankings. Once a search engine registers that your sites have video content on them, it’ll boost those sites when someone looks up your name or business. Use video content to get your company noticed more!

As a marketer, it may seem a little concerning with how rapidly the industry is changing. However, if you stay ahead of the changes by following and evaluating trends as they develop, you’ll see ample amounts of success. Investing in current technology and incorporating methods of marketing to consumers in the best way possible will lead you and your business to success.