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Entrepreneurs put their hearts and souls into their work as they’re developing and launching companies. Even after the company is up and running, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep everything working smoothly and to achieve success. Not everyone is made for this kind of work, even though the end result is definitely worth it. Even entrepreneurs feel the stress of working nonstop and putting all of their energy into their startup. All too often, new entrepreneurs do not take the proper steps to avoid burnout and end up quitting before they’ve achieved their goals. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to be aware of how you can prevent burnout as you pursue your passion.

Set boundaries

It can be difficult for anyone to set boundaries between work and your personal life, but this task is especially challenging if you work from home or are used to doing extra work once you’re home for the night. Set clear boundaries between work and home or limit yourself to only doing work at home for an hour or not answering emails past a certain time. Being able to step away from work gives you time to recharge.

Do something besides work

Though it may seem like you have no extra time outside of work, you need to take time to do something else. Focus on a hobby you’ve always enjoyed or try something new. Take time to exercise or watch a little of your favorite television show. If your entire life isn’t work, you’ll feel more relaxed when it comes to your working hours.

Get proper rest

Something that exasperates stress and burnout is lack of sleep. Instead of staying up incredibly late to finish a project or task for work, make yourself go to bed by a certain time. Aim to get eight hours of sleep or at least more than six. Studies show that you need the correct amount of sleep to function at your best level and without it you’ll feel sluggish and underperform.

Make a routine

A great way to make sure you’re taking time to focus on something besides work and take care of yourself is through creating a solid daily routine. Schedule when you’ll do work, when you’ll do something fun, and the time you plan on going to bed. Do your best to stick to this schedule, unless an emergency arises, whether at work or in your personal life.

Create a support system

No matter how many steps you take, sometimes you just can’t make yourself stick to a plan to stay away from work. If this is the case for you, build a support system. A support system is invaluable and they’re the people who can successfully help you avoid burnout. Having someone to talk to about the stress you’re feeling and issues you’re having can make you feel a lot better; just talking about your problems can sometimes help a lot! Turn to a trusted family member or friend who you know will listen and help you stay on track when it comes to taking a step back from work.