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4 Ways to Get Ahead at Work in 2017| Mark SeyforthThe year is just beginning and chances are your New Year’s Resolutions are top of mind. While some people want to eat healthier and others want to break habits, you may want to get ahead at work. If you find yourself doing the bare minimum, you may want to step your game up to impress your boss, and to keep the company running more smoothly. Here are a few professional steps you can take to show your boss your dedication to your work:

  1. Offer Big Ideas

One of the most impressive things you can do in the workplace offers an idea about how the company can move forward. This is not inherently written into your job duties, so when you bring a new idea to the table, this shows your dedication and your willingness to go the extra mile. Try to think of one big idea each week that you can propose to improve the business. This works especially well if your team has weekly meetings. You can also go to your boss with ideas or post your ideas publicly to any sort of forum for your team. You should also offer to lead a team that helps execute your idea.

2) Put In Extra Hours

If you want your boss to notice how hard you work, make sure you are putting in extra hours. Stay late whenever you can. If you are constantly leaving at 5 pm, it is clear what kind of work ethic you have. If you need to leave at 5 pm on a certain day, make sure you are working hard until you leave. The worst thing you can do is clock out mentally before you clock out physically. If you’re there to work, make sure you are dedicated to getting your work done.

3) Suggest Regular Meetings With Your Boss

Make sure you are meeting with your boss on a regular basis. If you reach out to your boss to request a meeting, he or she will be impressed by your dedication. The frequency of the meetings depends on how fast-paced the company is. The meetings can be once a week, or they can just be quick meetings at the end of each day. These meetings will help you stay moving in the right direction.

4) Understand the Company’s Vision

If you want to be an important part of your company, you need to understand your company’s goals. If you have a firm understanding of the company’s long-term vision, you will be more motivated to work hard, and you will have a more thorough understanding of what you should be doing. This will show, and your boss and coworkers will be impressed.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can stand out to your boss. Make sure you always remain on task and remember the company’s mission. If you stay dedicated, make the effort to communicate with your boss and bring innovative ideas into the workplace, everyone around you will be impressed.