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Engineers tend to welcome the creative, fresh and innovative mindset of entrepreneurs. They’re attracted to their ability to conceive, produce and build, as well as their fascination with filling in voids, assembling puzzles and delightfully hopping over lines drawn authoritatively in the sand. In fact, entrepreneurs and engineers think similarly. They evaluate, pursue solutions and plan adventurously.

Engineers are trained to problem solve, there’s no arguing with that fact. From the day they enter the classroom to the day hey leave the workforce, they constantly work at developing logical techniques that lead to quick resolutions. Useful solutions allow them to ensure the value of a property, and it’s the same when it comes to the world in which entrepreneurs are based. 

While practical, both groups are also optimistic thinkers committed to seeing proposed barriers as a learning opportunities and they see challenges as a reason to broaden their scope. Entrepreneurs are slightly different. What they learn doesn’t necessarily come from the classroom. Their skills are garnered and mastered through trial and error. Of course, a business background helps, but bearing witness to the growth and dismantling of a firm helps an entrepreneur learn. But, again, this speaks to the nature of engineers. 

Both, an entrepreneur and engineer require candor, trust and an ability to manage people and excel. Social intelligence is a factor that can not be discounted and promises to make any business environment a productive and positive one, filled with individuals who actually want to be there. Likewise, integrity, confidence, and understanding are other things that are important in those respective realms. The wise entrepreneur and engineer will always seek out knowledge, look to improve their businesses and identify their target markets. 

Additionally, they’re similar in another capacity. When lacking experience in marketing, these individuals will look at resources at their disposal, and conceive a way to build customer trust, stay positive, analyze “the wheel” and pursue success. Frequently, entrepreneurs and engineers and one in the same. 

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