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Today, innovation and creativity are at the heart of almost every entrepreneurial endeavor. Although passion is certainly an important quality for entrepreneurs, creativity allows an entrepreneur to branch out from what is normal. Seeing the world through a different lens grants individuals the opportunity to change the world, and set a precedent for others to follow. Individuals like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford revolutionized the world through their innovations while many more continue to reshape the world today. For future entrepreneurs, expectations can seem quite high.

As a businessperson with goals a little less ambitious than changing the world, creativity is still an integral component to success. The most important result of creativity in business is gaining a competitive edge over your competition. Without creativity, it is difficult to beat out others if nothing else sets you apart from them. Here are two articles from and to help you get those creative juices flowing in your head.

Carry a Notebook/Journal Everywhere

Ever have a great idea jump into your mind while commuting back home from work, only to have sadly forgotten it once you’ve arrived home? This is a common occurrence for many. In order to prevent this from happening, carry a small pocket notebook or journal with you at all times. This will help you immediately jot down any creative ideas that may come to mind.

Step away from your Computer (or any other internet-providing device)

A computer is a perfect tool to help you gain knowledge and expertise in an area largely unfamiliar to you. However, the amount of information provided by the internet can overwhelm just about anyone. Don’t let your computer stifle your creativity by bombarding you with information.

Take Breaks

It’s impossible to foster creative thinking with an overly worked, tired brain. Take breaks throughout your workday to ensure flexibility in your thinking. Creativity requires flexibility, and a rigid work schedule can only impede upon your productive and innovative abilities.


Always attempt to surround yourself with other creative individuals. Creativity breeds more creativity, and sharing ideas with others is a great way of gaining some much needed creative momentum. Collaboration also allows for the improvement of ideas. Someone with a different background than yourself may be able to offer a completely different perspective on your idea. This paves the way for better ideas.

Free Write

Free writing is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. Any word, phrase, or idea you jot down has the potential to spark the next word, phrase, or idea. Sit down, grab a pencil and start writing about anything your heart desires. You’ll never know what can come out of this activity.

Learn New Hobbies and Skills

Learning new hobbies and skills will not only provide you with an entirely new skill set, it also has the capability of expanding new neural networks. The act of training your brain to learn new concepts and skills is a great way to keep your mind at work. Creative thought processes cannot arise with a lazy mind, but instead, with one that is dynamic.

Creativity and innovation can be the key to success for any business venture. By unleashing your creative side throughout your daily life, you will surely succeed in any enterprise you decide to undertake.


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