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Public speaking is a challenging skill to master. If you have been successful at delivering a speech, presentation, or a toast and are enthusiastic about it, then you may have what it takes to become an exceptional motivational speaker. Following are the top nine characteristics and qualities of motivational speakers:

  • Optimism. Being inherently optimistic boosts morale and provides encouragement.
  • Ability to connect. Exuding a vibe that you can relate to what the audience is experiencing results in them seeing you as someone to whom they can relate.
  • Good voice. A good voice that resonates throughout the room and delivers your message is as important as speaking clearly, pacing your words, and modulating your voice.
  • Authenticity. Be yourself, even if it makes you feel vulnerable. Your authenticity allows the audience to connect with you. This is the quality that transforms you into being a remarkable motivational speaker.
  • Fearlessness. Go beyond your comfort zone in service of your audience. This is the quality that brings power and edginess to any motivational speaking engagement because your audience will see the importance of the topic to you.
  • Awareness. Developing mindfulness enables you to generate behaviors similar to that of your audience and eliminate those that distract from your message.
  • Empathy. Adopting the perspective of your audience and attempting to relate to their objectives empowers you to become a speaker who is listened to and respected.
  • Balance. The ability to discern which information you use or leave out takes your audience on a balanced walk throughout your speech.
  • Freshness. Inventiveness permits you to be unique, memorable, and spontaneous.

Motivational speaking involves skill, training, practice, and continual improvement. Start by offering to speak about your experiences to people within your circle, free of charge, and then keep offering free talks on a subject that you really care about and that showcases your expertise.

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