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Many business leaders invest more energy, time, thought, and imagination in their company’s products and services than its culture, even though culture is what inspires everything in the workplace. Employees find inspiration from knowing that leaders view them separately from profitability. They prefer leaders who build a broad-reaching impact that influences social causes and extends into the community.

The Secret Recipe for Workplace Inspiration

Leaders must recognize that one ideal recipe for encouraging employees to perform better does not exist. It’s about maximizing the ingredients to create multiple customized and authentic recipes. The secret recipe for workplace inspiration is identifying the elements of the people you are inspiring.

Reaping the Benefits of Workplace Inspiration

The advantages of employee engagement and workplace inspiration have been promoted for years. The focus today on how leaders influence motivation in the workplace. The path to workplace inspiration lives in an organizational charter that formalizes goals, values, strategies, purpose, and behaviors of your company. You can begin your workplace inspiration process by drafting an organizational constitution following these three steps:

  • Defining your company’s purpose beyond making money. Explore and establish your business’s values, purpose, goals, behaviors, and strategies, and share them with your team to solicit their feedback.
  • Aligning and modeling players and practices to your organizational constitution. This process is how you can maintain a consistently inspiring workplace.
  • Refine and revisit your purpose every two years. Your business values and purpose will probably remain consistent, but your valued behaviors, goals, and strategies may change over time and need reevaluation.

Inspiring employees to perform optimally demands a leader who sees beyond the visible attributes of various personalities. Inspiration is not an idea that you turn on and off. It is a consistent behavior triggered through multiple means that produce a feeling in your employees that they matter and that you genuinely care.

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