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Mark Seyforth is an entrepreneur and a clear trendsetter in multilevel marketing, thanks to his creation of the cornerstone commission plan that is now widely used in the industry. 

Mark’s career began in criminal justice studies, but after graduating from school he quickly realized he did not want to go into law enforcement. In fact, he did not want to “go” to a job at all– he wanted to make his own future and start his own business. Mark Seyforth entered the direct sales industry, selling soap as an Amway distributor. Although this specifically was not his dream job, he knew it was his dream concept, and six months later Mark branched out to create his own business through the unique outlet of network marketing.

Mark Seyforth created his own company, Seyforth Laboratories, in which he worked with thousands of distributors and made millions in sales. He created Slendernow, the very first milkshake diet in the United States. Within just a few years, Slendernow was one of the fastest-growing companies in the country and Mark, as the face of the movement, was giving speeches for crowds of up to 10,000 people.

Slendernow was the predecessor of Herbalife, a similar herb-infused product, for which Mark Seyforth’s longtime business partner Mark Hughes was a distributor. Mark Seyforth created the famous “Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How” business slogan which was printed on buttons, and over time he became a leader in helping people take control of their health.Herbalife became a billion dollar company in the 1980s and still makes billions to this day.

The way that Mark Seyforth handled these professional opportunities set him apart as an icon and a visionary of network marketing. Instead of following the status quo he decided to create a new type of compensation plan, which worked off a multilevel commission engine. It was fairer and let people make more income, and a few years later, every major company in direct selling had adopted the model, which helped the multilevel marketing industry become what it is today. Mark Seyforth is widely credited with creating the plan and jumpstarting the industry.

Now, Mark Seyforth and his business partners are leading the way in a new multilevel marketing business: The Good Life USA. Based on the things that people seek out when they’re having fun– such as restaurants and vacation spots– The Good Life USA provides customers with exciting and affordable opportunities, all through their membership in the business.